Creatively powered by Behance

Creatively powered by Behance

Here at ADS (Advertising Design Service) we like to explore the current trends of the world of web design, and in our travels we often find ourselves re-visiting certain websites for inspiration, insight or just to bring something new to our attention.

Although we like to start with a complete analysis of your web design needs and try to develop an original solution, we believe it is important to keep the design as modern, intuitive and fresh as possible. This helps when we work to find the right way to engage your website users, according to what you are trying to sell.

The design process could well start with a quick look at a few well-designed pieces on, whether they be web designs or otherwise, it’s always helpful to recognise how difficult design challenges have been approached by other professionals.

A well designed website is important, but how do you make it work like a charm? How do you direct users to the right content, areas of navigation and enquiry forms that lead to potential sales? We complete an in-depth analysis of these needs for you as a custom solution, but to make sure we stay on top of these methods, we like to visit websites such as Web Designer Depot for an insight into how businesses can be presented and managed better online.

Smashing Magazine is full of useful information about web design and development, offering quality and enthusiastic advice about technique and how to approach web development problems. It also helps give an insight into the future of web design and development, what to look out for and what agencies can offer clients now in terms of new web technologies. Every article on Smashing Magazine is written by industry professionals, so we know it’s a good source of information.

These are just a few examples of the weekly reading we do to keep our web designers and developers sharp, enthusiastic and ready to tackle your website needs.