Amristar Brand Identity

The Amristar brand has been in existence for many years now and whilst ADS was employed to create a new brand identity for one of the companies key projects (Mapworks) we were also asked to update the main companies logo, look and feel.

After deciding against any form of icon and keeping a very clean font for the company, ADS adopted a selection process and a final font that we sculptured into a final logo design, ironically the lower case a of amristar became an icon in its own right to be used potentially for the logo for an APP or similar type visual design. Utilising the new redesigned font ADS was then employed to create a new stationery suite, brand guidelines and a selection of potential advertising and marketing ideas from everything from a billboard campaign to a promotional items like mugs or work wear.

Amristar now has a new website and ADS feels very proud to have been part of this overall design process not only for one of their significant projects but to have rebranded the entire company.