Before the inter web, Brochures were the hero document in any companies marketing material arsenal. In 2015 millions of companies have websites, some as brochure websites, others as full blown e-commerce sites with stock control systems, however the print industry is not dead, the amount of newspapers and magazines is dropping, though not as much as some thought and we as human beings still respond very well to the touch, feel and portability of a good document.

We are bombarded by information every day and some of the latest statistical information shows that we ( humans) still like to read books, brochures, magazines and newspapers when we want to dedicate time to an activity. Not just garbage in, garbage out but quality time to relax, to learn or to inform.

This therefore means brochures are still a main ingredient in any companies marketing portfolio and at ADS we love brochures, we can create amazing documents full of  relevant images, text, info graphics and photography. We can manage the design process, the copywriting, the photography and the printing. We can discuss paper stocks, finishes and offer the best digital or offset printing options available anywhere in Australia. Please contact us if you would like to find out how we can help you create the best new brochure to promote your selection of products or services.