Digital Indoor and Multimedia

A creative, informative, well designed and engaging set of internal signs either digitally produced, printed or a tailor made multimedia presentation for your store, trade show, reception or boardroom can make all the difference when your audience would like to know about you in a short period of time. Call ADS to find out how we can help you.

Aside from being the “buzz word” of the late 90’s back in the day when cutting edge was getting an encyclopedia on a CD-Rom, we now use the term multimedia to describe the animated interactive presentations that run in everything from corporate boardrooms and foyers to trade show exhibitions. Through an integration of still images moving video and flash or other software, Advertising Design Service can help bring your product or services to life. Think of our digital indoor signage or multimedia presentations like a PowerPoint document on steroids!

A well designed presentation has the capability to draw in people at a retail shop or trade show that would normally pass by.

Use it to promote your finest projects / new products or services / or encourage visitors to enter your competition and clear old stock. In the boardroom impress your VIPS with a visual capability statement running in the background.

Digital Signage and Multimedia presentations can be used for:

trade shows/ exhibitions presentations /corporate boardrooms
business / hotel foyers
to promote new products or services