EDM – Electronic Direct Mail

In 2015, there isn’t time to spare when it comes to making your Electronic Direct Mail campaign ready for Smart phone window shoppers and service seekers.

Check out how your Electronic newsletter or Latest Electronic voucher function on a smart phone – and talk to ADS today to bring it up to speed.

EDM or traditional direct mail marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in your marketing mix… when executed well. The secret is in understanding your customers – where they are, what they care about, what are their needs, what are their desires?

ADS make it a top priority to gather as much insight as possible and turn that into market making and target beating work. From data list purchase/management and fulfilment to concept and production and also full email and online campaigns, ADS delivers creative ideas that drive sales and can work with various online platforms like mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor to create the perfect mail out.