Mapworks Brand Identity

The Mapworks brand is more than a logo and a name. It is who they are, what they stand for and how they behave. ADS created this Mapworks logo, stationery suite and comprehensive set of Brand Guidelines document to provide clear standards and guidelines for communicating about Mapworks. Mapworks specialises in providing sophisticated maps and mapping data from everyone from the consumer to government departments.

Every aspect of our Brand Guidelines has been developed to reflect their international brand and to differentiate them from the competitors in this highly competitive environment. As a lead in this field they also went with the very new .io domain name originally for indian ocean but seen more recently as the go to domain name for tech companies (input/output).

Due to the success with the Mapworks project ADS was also commissioned to rebrand Mapworks main international company Amristar simultaneously. Both projects were completed in early 2015.