Tuart Ridge Estate Baldivis

ADS has been responsible for rebranding many businesses over the years, most recently taking over the rebrand of a land development company and refreshing one of their premium land developments.

Amex Corporation appointed ADS to their highly successful Tuart Ridge Estate and brand in Baldivis, Western Australia. With over 140 premium blocks left to sell ADS visited the estate and established the research required to create an update to this signature land development in the fastest selling suburb in Australia. Due to the modernisation of the logo and brand, complete update to all signage and advertising the estate has only a few blocks left to sell.

While the ‘product’ itself (blocks of land and the development as a lifestyle change) is a large item as far as retail goes, the principles remain the same. The product and the company behind the product need to be well represented in the relevant market places, appeal to the key consumer and to those in the wider catchment area.

The Tuart Ridge brand has been designed to create a strong and recognisable visual look and feel. The Tuart Ridge logo is the masterhead of Tuart Ridge identity. It is the most immediately recognisable element and should be used as a mark of quality.

Tuart Ridge is the premium living estate in Baldivis. Bordered by parklands, close to amenities and schools with a proposed village centre at its hub. The Tuart Ridge brand expresses a sense of community, lifestyle and affordable luxury.

And here is something nice the client said recently about ADS.

“ADS have been working for Amex over the last 10 years and have produced quality work day after day. They have assisted our corporate and project team in everything from, advertising, branding, website design, print media, signage and a variety of visual communications. Their team is extremely creative and experienced in all areas of retail, corporate and project Marketing and offer quality advice and ideas. They are very professional and a quick to respond to any queries or jobs and will promptly produce high quality materials at short notice. I thank the team at ADS and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Cameron Shephard Director Amex Corporation.