Remarketing-what’s that ????

Remarketing-what’s that ????

What is remarketing you say?

Well imagine if you visit a site, shut your computer down go home or to the pub and return to your Mac the next day ( yes Mac, okay or pc ) and then see an advert from a company you visited yesterday,

Am I dreaming? no.

Were you interacting with the site? no. ( well maybe when you weren’t looking)

Are you an existing customer yet?  no.

Did you fill out an enquiry form? no.

So now with the latest remarketing techniques we can tell your business who is interested in your products or services and put an advert directly back in front of them.

Yes we can help you advertise to your website visitors after they have departed your site…

Just think about that for a minute…I can advertise to my clients when they are not even looking at my website…it’s not big brother (thank god that show has finished) it is just the latest way to target with pin point precision visitors to your site, they may have been doing serious research, glancing or clicking by or just on there way through to something else, but now that new tractor stool or cool wetsuit they looked at yesterday suddenly returns on another site they are visiting, later that hour, day, week or month.

Do you think this would work? We can tell you it does and like more traditional means the more you do the better it works, reaching your target market,  with as much frequency as possible is still the number one way to create the best return on your investment.

Simply put, remarketing helps you reach those people who have visited your website or used your app previously.

Recent visitors or users can see your ads as they browse websites that are part of the Google or Facebook networks, or as they search for terms related to your products or services on Google or Facebook or other search facilities online.