Media Planning solutions

Sales Enquiries

As part of the ADS accountability experience and difference we can supply a complete set of traditional and online leads or incoming sales tracking devices. These include but are not limited to our own simple but effective Sales Enquiry sheet for your call centre team, full Google Analytic website traffic analysis and access to more […]

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Media Buying

Media buying and media booking are crucial to successful advertising. Buying advertising for TV, radio, the internet, outdoor, newspapers and magazines by ADS will ensure you have the confidence of well positioned ads and the knowledge of new strategies for mediums such as cinema, mobile or digital outdoor or out of home advertising. Through ADS […]

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves clearly defining a companies marketing mission and an assessment of its current state and competitive landscape. Strategic planning also requires a well-thought out plan for how to properly allocate time, human capital and financial resources. By following a strategic planning process, an organisation can improve business outcomes and avoid taking on unanticipated […]

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