Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. By viewing this website you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of ADS – Advertising Design Service WA Pty. Ltd. contained within this terms & conditions page.

2. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically review terms and conditions.

3. Copyright – All artwork and content contained within this website is the intellectual property of ADS – Advertising Design Service WA Pty Ltd. The techniques and methods used in all work are and remain the intellectual property of ADS – Advertising Design Service WA Pty. Ltd.

4. Images and content within http://www.adswa.com.au and its affiliated sites can not be copied or reproduced in part without prior written consent of ADS – Advertising Design Service WA Pty Ltd.

Terms of Trade
5. ADS or Advertising Design Service WA Pty. Ltd. always aims to be fair and reasonable in our pricing structure for all jobs whether graphic design, web design, web development, media planning, strategic brand management, printing of communication materials or any other billable product or service.

How much do you charge? It is a natural concern of every client to know his or her financial commitment before embarking on a project. We wish there was a simple answer to this, however design services are not so easily quantifiable, as requirement varies for each and every project. As part of our quotation process we will consult with you to define your requirements, scope and specifications of your project, and budget and work with you to create a package that bits your needs and budget. We will then present an itemised quotation for consideration and agreement before embarking on any work.

6. We base all cost estimates on an hourly rate taken to complete the job. If a project takes less time to complete than the estimated timeframe we invoice less accordingly. If a project is going to take far greater time than initially estimated, we will inform you early and detail the reasons why this time blow out may occur. We will then revise the costings to be satisfactory to both parties.

7. Starting a project or job implies that you agree to our terms of trade.

The Brief
8. At the core of our work flow and time estimate is the client’s brief. If the brief varies greatly as the project evolves this may result in a change in estimated cost and timeframe parameters.

Time & Cost Estimates
9. Our time estimates and costings unless specified differently are given to provide an initial concept (possibly more depending on job / brief) and then two sets of minor amendments.

Changes in excess of 2 rounds of amendments will be charged at an hourly rate.

How much input do I have? As much, or as little, as you want. We will listen to your requirements and take into consideration your ideas. But remember: you have to allow space for us to work for you! Some people have the wrong idea thinking they must tell us exactly what they want right down to the last minute detail. But by doing that, you are not making the most of our professional creative services or the money you are investing.

We can help you the most when you let us do what we do best: DESIGN!

Who does the copywriting? Copywriting is an integral part of most marketing collateral both online and off-line (traditional).

At ADS we can offer a professional copy writing service to all our clients for their marketing collateral, or alternatively, we can work with your own copy or copywriter. For online media (websites), our professional copywriter can write the website content in consultation with you and your business. Your web developer can then adapt the text to ensure it is suitable for Search Engine Optimization.

This helps the web developers a great deal as they will have professional copy to work with, instead of starting from scratch, which saves you time and money! If you are writing a book, you are probably writing your own text but you will need a proofreader. We can recommend proofreaders to you to proof read and polish your content before commencing the design process.

Can you do a couple of designs for me to see if I like what you do?

No this is not something that we offer. As professionals ADS, abides to the industries code of ethics, which has a very strong stand against free pitching or speculative work. “Free pitching is the practice of clients or would-be clients asking for unpaid design submissions or speculative presentations from one or more designers/studios in order to decide the winner’ of the work to be commissioned or used.

Like any effective business process the design process begins with a good definition of the business and communications objectives. Developing that definition requires experience, knowledge, learning, respect and commitment from both designer and client in order that a successful partnership evolves for the short term as well as the long term. The main product of our industry is ideas and creative solutions to our clients communication problems. Effective solutions take time for consultation, research as well as production, and the issue of time raises the issue of cost for all responsible business practitioners. The process of free pitching or competitive submissions devalues the profession and the experience, education and work practices encompassed in that. As many designers say, ” My plumber, doctor, accountant, don’t work or pitch for free, neither do we.

Printing Costs
10. Yes, we can offer a complete service from design concept right thru to final commercial printing. It is during the initial consultation phase that the scope of the work to be completed is quoted including printing if the client requests this service. We can also provide print ready files to your selected commercial printer. Printing costs are valid for 30 days. Prices are subject to change after this time period has elapsed.

Incidental costs
11. Costs that may not be indicated in the initial time cost estimate include items such as couriers, hard copy internal proofs, costs of lodging advertisements (ie. Websend / Quickcut), burning of CD’s / DVD’s, postage, etc.

Payment Terms
12. We invoice on a monthly or completed project basis. (Whichever comes first ) All payment terms are strictly 30 days from date of invoice.

13. If a project is not completed in a calendar month we will normally invoice part payment for the work completed to date.

14. If you have a query or complaint regarding invoicing please lodge complaint within 7 days of receiving invoice.