Video advertising on Social Media

Video advertising on Social Media

Video advertising on Social Media

Video advertising across the Internet television is appearing everywhere, predominantly on Facebook and you can’t even hear it! Facebook is the major player in mobile video and it is exceeding 3 billion views daily, producing phenomenal opportunities for product / service reach via video.

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Video growth is a direct result of marketers understanding that consumers have a desire to access content across a range of screens, all the time and at any time. As a result the advertising industry is heavily investing in video content. Increases to video have been immense within the past year alone and online advertising has hit 1.15 billion for the March quarter in Australia.

Users restlessly scroll through their news feed with no sound, waiting for something to grab their attention. Facebook’s video default setting is to autoplay but muted. So while you scroll over the video post the video activates but you can’t hear it. This is your chance to get the consumer’s attention. You have about three seconds to do this, once they have scrolled past you have lost your chance. So marketing the product without sound and in the first three seconds before you swipe past is paramount to the success of the advert. Having to communicate your message to customers without sound has produced a new way of designing adverts.

The most important factor to is to ‘grab’ people’s attention in those first three seconds. You have to take a totally different creative approach. Gone are the teaser starts, the slow reveal, the story builder. You have to get in fast with the important information. The story simply needs to kick off with in three seconds to get the attention of the viewer before they can scroll past. So pull out all your big guns at the beginning. If you have a ‘name’ show them, if you have something ‘startling’ use it. Get peoples attention! Your story needs to be told through actions, appearances, and behaviours. You can’t rely on sound, you rely on movement and motion and text on screen, sub-titles are back…

Another important factor to consider is to provide value through social content. People are used to being interrupted during TV viewing by adverts, they simply sit and watch, change channels or walk away for a few minutes, but it is considered normal. To adjust their mindset to accept it occurring through their social ‘scroll’ time, videos need to be relevant and they need to enhance the users experience.

Facebook only introduced this medium just over a year ago…look at where it is now…